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Dan'elle W.

Erica has been working with our little girl for about a semester and the improvement in her speech is amazing! Our little girl looks forward to her days that she meets with Erica because she makes learning fun. I would have never guessed the improvements would come so quickly. Honestly am grateful for Erica more than words can express.

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I honestly cannot put into words how amazing our experience has been with Ms. Erica! My daughter had many different issues with her speech and the time and energy that Ms. Erica dedicated to her improvement is unparalleled! We truly appreciate our time with her!


My son started speech therapy with Mrs. Erica back in January. And since then my son has come such a long way in his vocabulary and communication skills.  Erica is A wonderful teacher and my son loves having speech class with her. The progress my son has made since starting class with her is amazing. I highly recommend Mrs. Erica to anyone looking for a great speech therapist.

Laura P.

Erica is an excellent therapist. She is a great listener. I felt like she really tuned in to our needs and created a plan of action tailored to us. She is consistently prepared and prompt which is so important. Definitely recommend!

Tanvi S.

Erica is AMAZING! We first started seeing Erica when our daughter was 3 (now 5) and developed a significant stutter post COVID. Erica was wonderful with our daughter. She was attentive, and receptive to our concerns - and ever so gentle and patient with our little girl. We started seeing significant improvements in her speech within just a few months of therapy. Our daughter learnt to recognize and apply strategies she learnt in therapy (e.g. beat speech) independently. Erica was always transparent, professional, and very helpful in making suggestions regarding ways in which we could practice “smooth” speech at home. Today our daughter is stutter free. Thank you Speech and Language Essentials!

Hilary H.

Mrs. Erica is amazing! She is so kind and patient. Her lessons are so well thought out and created for each child’s unique needs. I would highly recommend Mrs. Erica for anyone looking for a speech-language pathologist. 

Natalia S.

Our daughter saw Mrs. Erica for about 1,5 years. When she started she had quite a bit of difficulty with a few sounds pronunciation. Often even we her parents struggled to understand what she was trying to say. Mrs. Erica was very patient with her, tailored her sessions around what our daughter enjoyed doing (like crafts and coloring and certain games) just to keep her engaged and relaxed. Mrs. Moeckel is very sensitive to the environment she creates for the child and the child's personality all in an effort to facilitate the child's cooperation. Our daughter has flourished and progressed in such a positive way, and now has a beautiful pronunciation and clarity of speech. Both are highly needed not only for social success but also for academic success. Even now over half a year later our daughter often says how much she misses her sessions with Mrs. Erica. An absolutely terrific and highly trained pathologist. It was a pleasure to get to know Mrs. Moeckel. If you want your child to enjoy their walk to speech success have your child work with Mrs. Moeckel - and watch them succeed!

Ana M.

Erica is sweet, kind and so patient with the children she works with. I would highly recommend her if you’re looking for a therapist to work with your child!

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